Clarence Henry Truckway Rehabilitation Project


Port of New Orleans

End Date:

May 2016 



$1 million (overall) 

Product Description

The Clarence Henry Truckway is a concrete collector roadway that services the various port facilities along the Mississippi River between Felicity Street and Nashville Avenue. Due to the volume of the Port’s operations, this 3.5 mile route which is heavily utilized by large semi-tractor trailer vehicles (WB-50 and WB-67’s) experiences a high number of ESAL’s (equivalent single axle loadings) therefore failures in the roadway are occurring.

Digital Engineering provided design services for the Port of New Orleans on the Clarence Henry Truckway Rehabilitation Project that included removal of approximately 5,200 square yards of 10” concrete roadway and replacement with high-early mix concrete. The project scope also included minor drainage structure adjustments/repairs, new thermoplastic striping, and the removal and replacement of the existing drop inlet grates to conform to ADA and H-20 load compliance.

Due to the high day time truck traffic volumes, the project was a “weekend only” project that required the contractor to begin and complete all associated work within the allotted weekend time frames. Construction of Phase 1 of the project was completed in March 2016. Due to the success of the initial phase, the Port is currently moving forward with a second phase of the project. 

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