Bridge Inspections and Load Ratings for the New Orleans Department of Public Works


City of New Orleans Department of Public Works

End Date:

May 2017


$138,000 (fee) 

Product Description

DE was selected by the New Orleans DPW to inspect and provide bridge load ratings for fifteen bridges at various locations throughout the City of New Orleans. The bridges are predominantly concrete slab and precast concrete slab bridges ranging in age from thirty to seventy years old.

All work will be performed in accordance with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) Manual for Bridge Evaluations. Very few as-builts of the bridges are existing so DE will be preparing bridge drawings as well as the final Field Inspection Report for each bridge.

The majority of the bridges also require inspections from waterways. Upon completion of the inspections, DE will perform bridge load ratings in accordance with LADOTD standards and utilizing AASHTO VIRTIS software. A Load Rating Report will be provided for each bridge analyzed. The report will include load rating calculations, documentation of structure description, vicinity map, bridge layout plans with details, field inspection reports, all supporting computations, and a clear statement of all assumptions made in calculating the load rating. Sketches will be provided to document section losses incorporated in the analysis. The VIRTIS computer modeling input data file used in the analysis of the bridge will also be provided. 

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