FEMA Street Improvements in the Broadmoor Area


City of New Orleans Department of Public Works

End Date:




$4,185,000 (construction)

$721,440 (design)

Product Description

Digital Engineering is currently preparing plans and specifications for the reconstruction of thirty-one streets (213 blocks) in the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans.

The scope of work includes replacement of roadway pavement (concrete and asphalt), roadway base, and subsurface and surface drainage utilities. DE also coordinated with the designers of Sewerage and Water Board to include the modification and replacement of water and sanitary sewer utilities. The project also includes 6,900 square yards of sidewalks as well as handicap ramps and driveway replacements.

DE performed survey and street assessments of all locations that were included in the project scope of work. DE also evaluated FEMA eligible work items and recommended additional work items to reduce constructibility issues. DE provided a comprehensive spreadsheet detailing all work elements for each of the 213 blocks.

DE was recently tasked with adding additional roadway repairs to a number of streets in this area to incorporate extra work approved by FEMA. DE has been requested to expedite the work to accommodate a final design completion date of January 31, 2017 in order to have DPW’s initial projects accelerated for construction. 

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