Administration & Management of LDHH Drinking Water Loan Fund


St. John the Baptist Parish Utility Department

End Date:




$324,356 (fee) 

Project Description

Digital Engineering prepared an application and successfully received funding of a $6,000,000 Drinking Water Revolving Loan through the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals. DE is responsible for the following:

1. Loan administration and management

2. Preparation of the System Improvement Plan with Environmental Impacts

3. Preparation of the Environmental Information Document

4. Preparation of the business plan

5. Provide Davis Bacon Act Administrative Consultant services for the project

Projects to be included in the loan are the following:

- Lions Water Treatment Plant Pump Station Project

- New Water Distribution Line crossing the Mississippi River

- Replacing Filters at the Lions Water Treatment Plant

- Replacing Altitude Valves in Four Water Distribution Towers

- Ultraviolet Disinfection for the Lions Water Treatment Plant 

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