Preparation of Soils Report and Plans and Specifications for Levee Enlargement and Berms, Mississippi River Levees, Magna Vista-Brunswick, MS


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Vicksburg District

End Date:



$326,125 (design fee)
$7.3 million (construction)

Project Description

DE was selected by the Vicksburg District for preparation of a soils report and plans and specifications for the enlargement of approximately 2.2 miles of levee including necessary berms.

The work is an implementation of the recommendations of the Flood Control Mississippi River and Tributaries project and is part of an effort to restore current authorized flood protection levels for the Mississippi River Levee Project.

The project includes the enlargement of the existing levee, the construction of landside seepage berms and/or riverside stability berms between stations 8450+00 and 8590+60, the use of borrow areas of size and quantity necessary to provide suitable material required for construction, the demolition of the paved State Highway 465 on the existing levee crown, as well as the maintenance of traffic along Highway 465 during construction.

The existing one-lane road along the levee crown will be widened to a 30’ wide design section with the net grade of the levee established at the Refined 1973 MR&T Project Flood Flowline plus 3’, which requires a gross raising of approximately 4.5’.

DE is responsible for the establishment of the required right-of-way and borrow area design.

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