Program Management for the Jefferson Parish Sewerage Capital Improvement Program


Jefferson Parish Department of Capital Projects

End Date:

2006-2018 July


$60 M (construction)

$11 M (annual budget) 

$1,800,000 (fee/annual) 

$1,050,000 (fee/loan program) 

Project Desciption

DE is serving as the Jefferson Parish Program Manager to manage Jefferson Parish’s ongoing Capital Sewer Program which oversees an annual budget of $11 million as well as a current $35 million LDEQ SRF Loan improvement program. DE has provided these services since 2006 and recently received a contract extension through July 2018.

DE is currently managing 80 ongoing projects under this program from multiple funding sources which include 3 wastewater treatment plant rehabilitations, 11 wastewater treatment plant equipment rehabilitation projects, 3 treatment plant odor control projects, 3 generators, 33 new and rehabilitated lift stations, 17 new sewer force mains, 5 gravity sewer rehabilitations, and 3 energy optimization projects.

DE is responsible for preparing initial project scope, investigations, and cost estimates, RFQ packages, as well as coordinating and reviewing surveys, geotechnical reports, design, construction administration, resident inspection, and record drawings. As Project Manager, DE also provides resident inspection services for projects which are designed by in-house personnel. Services include Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance, and Technical Review of engineering products.

DE successfully secured Community Development Block Grant funds for the following projects: Marrero Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator, Harvey Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator, and Eastbank Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator and Emergency Pump-Out Installation. DE is also be providing Davis Bacon Act Compliance services for these projects.

There are a total of 30 construction projects being administered under the loan program. DE has four full-time personnel assigned to the program and is assisting with six additional staff members on an as-needed basis.

Specific Outcomes Achieved:

DE has successfully managed the $35 million LDEQ SRF loan program projects to maintain the mandated LDEQ schedule and complete the projects under budget. DE has assisted the Parish in managing funding and has been able to obtain additional funding through CDBG and Lake Pontchartrain Restoration Program grants to complete additional projects. 

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