Terry Parkway Drainage Improvements


Jefferson Parish Department of Capital Projects

End Date:

2017 June (est) 


$17 M (construction)

$1,372,000 (fee) 

Project Description

Digital Engineering is providing consulting engineering services for the installation of over 3,000 lf of a double cell concrete box culvert and concrete flume to enclose an existing drainage canal. The project includes coordination and management of the efforts of three sub consultants. Further, the project includes the restoration of the existing concrete street and utility relocation due to the box culvert construction.

Services include design, plan preparation, hydraulic analysis, bidding, construction administration, and resident inspection.

Due to budgetary constraints the project has been constructed in phases. Three phases of the project have been completed thus far. A fourth phase will complete the project. The fourth phase is complete and is awaiting bidding. 

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