Stage 0, Neighborhood Planning for Canal Street Corridor


Regional Planning Commission

End Date:

2013 June


$35,000 (fee)

Product Description

Using a complete streets concept, this Stage 0 project included options to improve the overall functionality and appearance of the corridor through improvements in landscaping, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, roadway rehabilitation, and related drainage improvements. The Canal St. Stage 0 project also reviewed traffic patterns in the area and identified traffic calming improvements which can be developed and implemented to enhance the overall livability and connectivity of adjacent neighborhoods.

Three comprehensive conceptual design alternatives have been developed for the Canal St. corridor including plan layouts, typical sections, visual renderings, traffic control and calming features, and bicycle/pedestrian improvements.

The three alternatives contain the following information:

  • Complete streets approach (improvements to roadway, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and vehicular parking).
  • Bicycle lanes and pedestrian sidewalks improvements on Canal St.
  • Additional parking features along Canal St. Redesign of vehicular travel lanes along Canal St.
  • Closing of crossovers over the canal at three locations.
  • Canal improvements along Canal St.
  • Uniform street side and canal landscaping features along the corridor.
  • Linkages to existing bikeway at the 17th St. Canal and I-10 Service Rd. locations.

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