Water and Sewer Reconstruction South of Railroad Tracks and Sewer Reconstruction North of Railroad Tracks | FEMA Funded


City of Waveland

End Date:

2008 (South)

2011 (North)


$69M (Total Construction)

$4.9M (Total Fee)

Project Description

South of the Railroad Tracks (Phase I and II)

This $60 million project involved total reconstruction of the water and sewer system between Beach Blvd. and the CSX Railroad tracks in Waveland, Mississippi, to repair infrastructure destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The entire cost of the project was funded by FEMA and was in excess of $60 M construction.

Digital Engineering provided complete “cradle-to-grave” services by preparing the preliminary layouts, plans and specifications and provided construction administration and resident inspection services for the project.

A total of six inspectors manned the project for the duration of construction. Scope included preparing the FEMA Project Worksheets for the City and working closely with Federal agencies to secure funding.

The entire sewer reconstruction south of the CSX tracks included 12 new lift stations ranging in capacity from 100 gpm to 900 gpm, 142,696 lf of gravity sewer line ranging from 8 in to 14 in diameter, 37,784 lf of force main ranging from 4 in to 16 in diameter, 67,726 lf of sewer house connections, 100 lf of 20 in jack & bore beneath the CSX railroad and 514 new manholes.

In order to expedite construction, the project was completed in two phases. The work related to the potable water system included 164,822 lf of water line, 718 gate valves, installation of 50,897 lf of water service connections and 386 fire hydrants.

Sewer Reconstruction North of Railroad Tracks

This $9.6 million project involved complete reconstruction of the sanitary sewer system north of Beach Boulevard and other major portions of the sanitary sewer system north of the SCX railroad tracks. These lines sustained damaged caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Digital Engineering provided design, construction administration, and resident inspection for rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of 33 lift stations ranging in capacity from 100 gpm to 1,500 gpm which included all new pumps, equipment and control panels, installation of 20,800 linear feet of gravity lines; 77 manholes; and 927 linear feet of force main.

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