Blue House Raw Water Intake Pump Station Rehabilitation


Jefferson Parish Department of Water

End Date:

2019 (Design)


Engineering Design
Construction Administration

Existing Conditions

Existing Conditions

The Blue House Raw Water Intake Pump Station is one of two existing intake pump stations on the East Bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish that supplies raw water to the East Bank Water Treatment Plant (EBWTP) which serves the entire distribution system on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish. This intake pump station was last refurbished in 1988. The pump station is now past it’s useful life following the previous refurbishment and requires rehabilitation to allow it to continue operating for the next twenty years.

DE prepared a preliminary engineering report which outlined the scope of work required to rehabilitate the pump station. The general scope identified included replacing all four vertical turbine pumps in the station and all valves, controls, and other miscellaneous items in the pump station.In development of the preliminary engineering report a complex multi-conditions hydraulic system curve was developed to determine the pumping conditions of a piping discharge system with four separate discharge locations into the EBWTP which manifolds with another intake pump station that also supplies raw water to the EBWTP.

Another unique condition in regard to developing the system curve is that the static head conditions, due to the constantly changing level of the Mississippi River, had to be considered. The Mississippi River fluctuates between 1.0 Mean Sea Level to 17 MSL. Pump selection for the project had to ensure that the chosen pumps for the rehabilitation can deliver the required flow to the EBWTP during all static head conditions.

Upon completion of the preliminary phase, DE provided final design services and prepared plans and specifications for public bid.