Buccaneer Villa North LDOTD Statewide Flood Program Application


St. Bernard Parish

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Engineering Design

Proposed Drainage System

Proposed Drainage System

The proposed project concept will divert peak rainfall runoff from the existing drainage system in Buccaneer Villa North Subdivision to a proposed retention pond area to the west of the subdivision. The pond will hold this water and release it slowly over time into the existing drainage system to eliminate repetitive loss flooding in Buccaneer Villa North. A walking path with recreational amenities will be constructed around the proposed pond so the space can be utilized as a recreational area as well as serve as a green infrastructure element.

DE developed a hydraulic and hydrology model that illustrated the existing flooding problem, demonstrated the proposed solution, and provided a recommendation for the proposed remedy that provides the greatest benefit/cost ratio. Once the model was completed and reviewed, a formal application which follows the Statewide Flood Control Program’s procedures was prepared and submitted. A preliminary design will also be completed for the selected project as part of the application process.