Meet our Summer Intern: Adeleigh Smith

Adeleigh Smith

Adeleigh Smith

Hey, Adeleigh! Where are you from and where do you go to school?
I am from New Orleans and went to St. Mary’s Dominican High School. I am currently enrolled at LSU.

What made you want to intern with DE this summer?
I wanted actual engineering experience and to see if I enjoyed the career path. I do very much enjoy it and am learning a ton!

Have you learned anything cool or interesting through your internship so far?
I’m learning that a lot of time goes into things that the general population may not think about. I am working on a scoping report for signs and striping in Tangipahoa right now, which Stephanie Stanford assigned me. I’ve learned lots of things about signs and how many laws go toward them. I also learned about the different details for certain curves, road widths, and certain speed limits.

Victoria Malley took me out in the field to see levees being compacted and the soil being tested. I had no idea settling plates were put inside levees; that was cool to know. I also learned about armoring the levees which was interesting and something I did not know before.

Patrick Stiegman let me check a surveyor’s sheet for waterlines in Hollygrove. I had zero clue what a unit sheet was and thought that was so cool. I was genuinely excited about it and even looked up where my house was and other family members’ homes. Right now I am also working on the Peltier Park Sidewalk preliminary stages. I am extremely thankful to be learning so much in just three weeks. My dad (DE Senior Project Manager, Tim Smith) has also taught me little things here and there. He has helped me a lot and I am thankful he is here to teach me.

Do you have any big summer plans aside from interning?
I am making my debut in New Orleans which I am so excited about.

Tell us something about yourself.
I am in a sorority at LSU, Delta Delta Delta, and we do a lot of work for St. Jude philanthropy. I enjoy helping out such a great cause.

Thank you so much for your time! Good luck with the rest of your internship!